Bridge by the Water

Supplying the world with premium exotic food & beverage products

Palm Bridge is a direct import-export specialist focused on trading exotic food & beverage products, both branded & in bulk.

We have access to a global network of growers & manufacturers creating premium food products. Our network of buyers includes distributors, retailers, & hospitality in high-potential growth markets, specifically in Europe, Russia & the Middle-East region.

We deal in experiential goods, most notably in the Food & Beverage industry, and only work with products that evoke emotions through innovative design, compelling backstories & proven quality.

What We Do


Direct Importer in Europe

We actively scour the globe for interesting products with high potential to succeed in Western European markets. These exotic gems are then offered to our local trade partners in the EU, to be discovered and loved by their clientele.


Export Facilitation to the Middle-East

We partner with manufacturers to introduce their premium goods to high-potential markets in the Middle-East, such as the UAE, Qatar and Saudi-Arabia. Through our office in Dubai (UAE) we connect these brands to the ideal local distributors and retailers, effectively increasing revenues via new sales channels in these highly dynamic & rewarding markets.


Global Sourcing Agent

As a sourcing agent, we secure supply of premium goods across the globe for our trading partners. From exotic, niche brands to well-known & established players, we'll find the perfect items to complement any product range.


Regulatory Compliance

Whether importing or exporting, through our experience & expertise we can guide you through complex international regulatory standards.

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